Lions & Tigers & Burlesque… Oh My!

Madams Wizard of Oz Poster

Corsets and garters and pasties, oh my!
Follow the Mischievous Madams down the yellow brick road to a wanton wonderland where the tassels twirl in Technicolor! Prepare to be amazed by an actual man behind a curtain! We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Stella O’Hare
Sally Sucre
Jenny Castle
Della Darling
Phoenix Midnight
Lillie de Luna
Cod’Tavious Manchesticles
Sally B. Dash

AND YOUR HOST, Travis Martin
AND YOU STAGE TIGER & KITTEN: Fast Greg & Formaldehyde Flower

WITH SPECIAL GUESTS Florence Rosé & Rumor Hasset

LIVE MUSIC before and after the show by Solar Ellipsis

TWO PERFORMANCES: Saturday, August 6 & Friday, September 2

Doors and live music at 9 PM, show at 10 PM
$8 in advance, $10 on the door Reservations recommended.

About Sally B. Dash

Sally B. Dash is Florida’s Countess of Caricature, bringing her own brand of funny to the fine art of striptease! A bawdy, boobalicious burlesquer, she has been tickling Gainesville’s fancy (and funny bone!) since 2013. Sally’s diverse talents include many forms of dance and physical comedy, as well as clowning, singing, and kazooing. She is a performer, rehearsal director, and founding member of Dr. Sinn’s Freak Island Musical Sideshow and is a member of the Mischievous Madams Burlesque Troupe. She also produces Sally B.’s Dashing Revue, the areas only live music burlesque show.

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